PRE-FORM is widely recognised as one of the industry leaders in the design and manufacture of all types of formwork and scaffolding. We have more than 3 decades of experience and a combination of innovation, manufacturing and delivery that uniquely positions us in the South African and international markets.

PRE-FORM operates from 8 premises in Pretoria, Cape Town and Mauritius. We strive to employ the best talent in the industry and every member of our team is handpicked. All of our staff are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our customer’s expectations.


PRE-FORM has built-up the necessary know how to deliver value to our customers through constant innovation. We are responsible for several South African firsts including:

  • Sta-Flex, an innovative frame system that is now widely used locally and in Europe
  • The first propping systems to comply with EN1065, including the RAS and BS Props series
  • Form-Flex that utilises timber beams/girders and boards on almost any support medium
  • Ringlock, the first dual purpose system, used for both shoring, heavy duty shoring & access
  • Rapid walling & adjustable columns – versatility at the lowest cost of any similar system
  • Alu-Dalle and Timdeck, the first light weight modular slab formwork systems to be produced for the local and international markets


The Laminated Veneer Lumber or "LVL" beam is an engineered wood composite that delivers a uniform and predictable product.

A comparison between the HT20 and LVL beams showed its superior in both shear and bending moment. This means that less material needs to be deployed, especially in heavy civil applications. The LVL beams also deliver on price, being more cost effective than any other beam/girder on the market.


NEO Light is a versatile walling system, light enough to be man handled and strong enough to be gang-formed and crane handled. NEO Light provides an ideal combination of ease of assembly and concrete finish quality.

NEO Light is a complete system with integrated components such as alignment couplers, working platforms and push-pull props. The NEO Light alignment clamps makes sure panels are ALIGNED, FLUSH and TIGHT.


Our design office, based in Pretoria, utilises 3D computer aided design to deliver and design optimised formwork layouts, as well as once-off formwork “specials” such as custom column boxes, moulds and wall systems.


Our on-site advisors have backgrounds in construction and project management. Training programs in formwork and concrete construction, keep them up to date and able to recommend optimal solutions to the ever changing site environment. Where required, responsibilities extend to formwork inspection and managing the formwork site budget.


We have our own manufacturing facilities that specialise in both high volume formwork commodities such as Kwik Stage, Econoform as well as customised formwork. Pre-Form is capable of delivering on big projects to demanding schedules, locally and internationally.


As part of our innovation drive we have build-up significant partnerships with key European suppliers and customers. As a testament to this fact, we have exported more than 3000 containers of formwork since 1990. Our technology and quality complies with AFNOR and other European norms (EN1065) and Safety Standards.

On the sourcing side our reach stretches as far as India, from where key foundry and drop-forged components are sourced. Our crane handled walling systems are sourced from Germany and we are South Africa’s biggest independent importer of Form-Flex boards, girders and LVL Beams.


We understand that choosing the correct formwork solution is critical to the overall success of our customer’s projects. The Pre-Form formwork solution is much more than just equipment. We deliver value through the entire formwork life cycle from program planning, formwork design, manufacture to delivery.